Hot Tar

It's a Party in Your Mouth!!® 

What is Hot Tar?...

The Ultimate Habanero Experience!

Hot Tar is your habanero blending company.  We specialize in infusing already good recipe's with even better ingredients.  Hot Tar consists of the best ingredients, including GA grown Habaneros, Tupelo honey, fresh horseradish, spices and herbs that all contribute to our unique products.

Our homegrown Habaneros originated in Jamaica, but are now grown in southwest Georgia!  In the coastal south, weather conditions are optimum to bring out the great flavor and intense heat of this wonderful, smoky hot pepper.  Careful blending of the finest peppers and other quality ingredients make Hot Tar products great for bringing the heat level of any meal to your requirements.

We are proud members of Georgia Grown!

Our Story....

        Some years ago, I began growing several varieties of Chile peppers in containers in conjunction with my job at Graco Fertilizer Company, in Cairo, Georgia, which quickly became one of my favorite hobbies. All of the peppers we have are grown in organic soil and mixed in 5 gallon containers, which helps control the plant's environment. With my love for cooking and hot peppers, I shortly began making homemade salsa and sauces, and adding my own twist to several southern recipes.

Throughout many years of sales and travel, and growing to know my customers, I have been introduced to many family favorite recipes. While on the road, I would frequent a seafood restaurant on the East Coast of Georgia that offered many condiments that influenced the ingredients used to make our first signature product, Hot Tar Tartar Sauce. Hot Tar, Inc., soon after, became the name of our company.

Over time we added Hot Tail Cocktail Sauce and Hot Puppies Hush Puppy mix. After studying the market, we realized there were many who could not appreciate the flavor of the seasoned habanero because of the heat. Thus, Hab-a-Honey was born. This product consists of Tupelo honey infused with our seasoned habanero to create a sweet-heat sensation. Hot Tar specializes in infusing raw, local Georgia honey with locally grown fresh habanero peppers for a unique and flavorful product. Our expanded product line includes a variety of gourmet honeys, vinegars, spices, mixes, and sauces featuring locally grown ingredients like fresh horseradish, herbs, and spices. All of our signature products are defined by the art work of Joe Johnson, a great friend and mentor who also taught my construction class at Cairo High School in 1976.

Hot Tar relies on and supports several sustainable local farms. Ingredients in all of our products are locally grown in the state of Georgia, and all products are hand-packed and handmade in small batches to insure consistency. Additionally, all of our products are packed using recyclable packaging. Hot Tar has been made possible from several years of hard work and with the support of family and many friends, all of whom I hold deeply in my heart and in prayer. To date we offer 12 unique gourmet products.